All it takes is a sparkle of inspiratio

FacebookMySpaceTwitterDiggDeliciousStumbleuponGoogle BookmarksRedditNewsvineLinkedinMixxPinterest is for and about sensitive people. Here you'll find a way to bring forward your sensitive qualities.

Qualities you did not show for reasons like:

  • blockages,
  • you did not thought about that before,
  • you wanted to be like the less sensitive.

The reason is important, but more important is that YOU can unleash the qualities given with those sensitivities.

One thing is clear: being sensitive and being robust, able in life can be brought together. A hidden force, a GEM, is waiting in you. Come into contact with that GEM and you know that you are supported. You gain a firm contact with Earth, increase your intuition and experience the wonderful GEM. The Connection that we all have. In you, there is a wonderful soft and strong force, that can help you overcome many things in life. Once learned, it'll help you for the rest of your live. Think about it: how many years will you be supported by your Heart.