Qualities that come with sensitivity

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About these questionnaires

Submitting the listed questionnaires helps each of us. From the results you gain insights into your own characteristics. I can learn by performing statistics on the aggregated results. Together, we can better the method for other sensitive people.


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Answering the questions

You answer the questions from your own perspective, as you experience how things are for you. Your experience differs in time, according to your mood shifts and current life situations. These shifts are expected and are accounted for through the totaled results. You are invited to perform these tests over awhile, say three, six months, and if you like to, one year from now. Performing these tests in time gives insights into your growth and the application of the method in your life.

How to approach the questionnaires results?

The results from the test give an insight into your characteristics. I advise you to look whether it fits the puzzle of your life. Please go for understanding the results, and know that it shows a part of you. Do not build your life on a momentary result from one test. Shifts in results in time do happen with everybody.

Agree or disagree with a result

When you agree with the results, try to fit it into your puzzle of life. Rethink it, there might be an insight you have missed. If you disagree with the test then consider this: was the test suitable for you? Tests are prepared to be used in an expected range of human beings. If you think the test is not appropriate, leave it aside. Such a reason could be a cultural one. On the other hand, as you disagree with a result, this could indicate a blind spot of you. Something you did not consider before. An example is someone who thought he was not sensitive and the test shows ‘comfortably numb'. When you get an unexpected result, then you have something to dive into. Quite some sensitive people act like ‘comfortably numb’. These people can gain in life from their sensitivity. Take the test again after a while, say 3 months’ time and 6 months’ time, and if you like to, one year from now.